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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week - 6 Spear Woman and Freeze Frames

This week we worked on adding freeze frames to the units attacks to make it look more satisfying when they land hits. We also replaced the shadows with proper pixel art shadows.

KzP also added the spear woman unit to the game. She is extremely useful because she can hit the two spaces in front of her dealing half damage to the first space and full damage to the second. This enables her to hit healers for example.

She can also kite melee units and avoid taking any damage at all in certain situations.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 5 - The Battering Ram

Hey everyone this week we have fixed several graphical issues. Units now slide across the field when they are moved, and we fixed the offset of the enemies shadows. We also added a new unit. The Battering Ram! This unit does not attack automatically. It needs to be flicked into the unit in front of it. After that it goes on cool down for a short time. Its attack goes through a line of enemies dealing less damage with each enemy it jumps through.

That's all for this week! check back next Wednesday for more!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 4 - Gate Smashing and Axe Man Cleave

Hey guys We have a little extra to show this week! We have been working on this gate smashing effect for two weeks now. This effect allows us to change scenes during combat in a really visually fun way.

KzP also created a cleave effect for the axeman this week. He has a twitter for his art now so check it out!

Here is a video of me (Shane) drawing the animation for the gate explosion

That'a all for this week! Check back next Wednesday for more info!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Week 3 - Richard the Lionheart

Hello everyone! This week KzP has been working on a unit called Richard the Lionheart. This unit gains a small amount of defense for the entire round every time he defeats someone. I have also started working on some of the backgrounds from the game. Here is one I was working on this week.